Signum Technology Center

SignumSM  Laboratory at the Shanghai Technology Center

The launch of the Signum Laboratory at the Shanghai Technology Center in June 2013 celebrates the extension of ExxonMobil’s global technology expertise to China and Asia Pacific.

Signum oil analysis helps extend oil life by pinpointing proper oil drain and filter change intervals of different lubrication systems. By doing this, customers can reduce waste and also improve the efficiency and durability of their industrial equipment, further supporting environmental care.

The Signum Laboratory is designed to exacting laboratory standards and complies with stringent quality requirements while still allowing ExxonMobil to have full control of its overall operations. This includes overseeing operational processes, quality assurance, data integrity, equipment reliability, use of qualified technicians and safety standards.

As the makers of Mobil branded Lubricants, ExxonMobil offers unsurpassed industry expertise, programs, and tools to support your operational needs.

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